Following a referral I will get in touch and discuss arrangements via phone or email. If it feels appropriate then an assessment appointment will be arranged at either the Wokingham or Theale clinic. This will take around one to one and a half hours. During this appointment information will be gained to help us come to a shared understanding of what your current difficulties are and some understanding of what may have contributed to the difficulties, and, most importantly, what is maintaining them. Following this we would think together about the best way forward and whether some ongoing sessions of CBT would be helpful.
Assessment session fees are £140 (1-1.5 hours).
Ongoing therapeutic sessions are charged at £110 per session (50 minutes each).
I am registered with all the main health insurance companies.
I can offer CBT supervision to other healthcare professionals working in Berkshire. Please get in contact for more details about this.


If we decide together that a series of sessions would be helpful following the assessment then I would offer a course of CBT sessions. The number of sessions varies depending on what your concerns are, but generally range from 6-16 sessions, for 50 minutes each. These would start off as weekly and then become less frequent as treatment progresses. CBT works by having a clear understanding of what is maintaining a person's difficulties and then coming up with strategies to overcome these, either by looking at what a person is doing / how they are behaving, or thinking about how a person thinks about things and views the world. CBT will work with your strengths and give you a set of strategies that will be helpful to you in your future. Regular reviews throughout treatment, and the use of tools to measure outcomes will be utilised to check that the correct approach is being used.
Whilst my main passion is in using CBT I also have training and experience using a wide range of other approaches, such as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, mindfulness based work, and systemic approaches. These techniques may be incorporated as and when required. I also have links with other medical and healthcare professionals, should an additional or alternative approach be required (e.g. medication).